The occasional rant 4: Truth

Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves, the Eagle of Hyperion has got another uncomfortable truth for you: truth itself.

First of all, try to answer this question: "Why do you want to know the truth?" and leave academical oder scientific purposes aside. That would be much too easy. The necessity of truth in theses areas is much too apparent and easy to formulate, even an idiot could do that.
Try to answer this question with referrence to your inner workings, and give me a LOGICAL reason, that does NOT stem from a weakness or incapability of yours.
5 Euros for everyone who can do that, promise!
And while that sentence is perfectly true it is also absolutely useless. I have already rigged the conditions in a way that nobody will ever be able to give a satisfying answer.
Academics and science excluded truth is always open to interpretation, logic is never perfect and there is always an incapability or weakness you can point to.
"Truth makes life easier. That is why I want to know it!"
"Looser, you are simply incapable of dealing with a difficult life."
"Truth is one of the highest values in our society, that is why everyone should seek it."
"Purely nominal definition which is not backed by causal logic but by ethical axioms."
And so on and so on.
While I enjoy messing with your heads, the purpose of this little game is another one (or is it? You´ll never know the truth), namely the demonstration that the above question is NOT answerable. Science and academics again excluded, there is no objective reason for the necessity of truth. A few pragmatical ones may come to mind, but those can all be explained away by incapabilities of one kind or another.
What that means is that while asking for truth you are lying most of the time. Truth is not necessary, it only FEELS necessary, meaning that there must be something that is DERIVED from the truth you seek so much.
You do not want the truth because it is right, you do not want the truth because it is necessary, you do not want the truth because you are idealistic, you want it because you are AFRAID. Afraid of all the things that a lie might do to you. Afraid of the unseen possibilities that a lie might hide. Afraid of the pain those possibilities might cause you.
This is nowhere more apparent than in relationships.
"What am I to him? A friend? A Sex-Partner? Maybe more?"
The motivation for this kind of questions is not the wish for truth, it is the wish for security! Everything else would leave you vulnerable, insecure, without orientation. And these are emotions or states of being you do not like. They are mechanisms of the ego, nothing more. Truth is never the high ideal it is supposed to be, but always an INSTRUMENT to soothe the fears, uncertainties and worries of your ego, in other words: a compensation for your weaknesses.
People who ask for truth are weaklings. Dumb, unaware weaklings, nothing more. (or scientists.^^)
The only truth you will ever need ist the truth about why you wanna know the truth in the first place. And THAT truth is a highly unpleasant one, so much is for sure.
After you have found and accepted it however, the necessity of truth will vanish.
The truth is that truth is not needed when it comes to anything that is only vaguely linked to emotions or the ego, which means that 99% of the time you could forget about truth, if you were able to. But you are not, and so you don´t. You continue to waste energy, life and emotions to search for that unecessary thing, you let the fear of the unknown, the doubt, the uncertainty, the insecurity become your master. And you do not even realise it.
You want truth? BULLSHIT, you want security! LIAR!

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